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August 11 2017

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Roman officer’s helmet, early 4th century.

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Medieval Slavic cottage in Biskupin, Poland © Magdalena Ow Photography.

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Oh deary deary me. :-D

This is the Sentinel AC1 tank, designed and built in Australia…


…which looks like the bastard child of a Renault R39 and a Sherman M4A1…

…and this is its hull machine-gun casing…


…with a “World of Tanks” player checking for accuracy of the game dimensions. (Something like that, anyway).

There really are practical reasons for the casing being that shape: first, the Sentinel’s armour is cast in moulds not welded from plates, so there are a lot more curves than angles, and second, the MG was a Vickers Mk 1 with a water-cooling jacket…


There was another Vickers mounted in the turret, inside a similar though (thanks to the fitting-bolts) less obviously phallic casing.


So that’s the official explanation.

Personally I’ve always suspected the shape of the machine-gun casing was no accident, backed by a robust Aussie and Army sense of humour. Come on, I know the 1940s were another time, but no adult male in a military design shop could be naïve enough to think that this looked innocent…


And tonkers on tanks is a short step, since there’s a long-standing (cough) tradition for tonkers on armour.


I’ll see your boob-plates and raise you (cough) some brayettes…


August 10 2017

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Jantarfest 2017
Uroczysko Wołkołatka
Wola Jabłońska, Poland (2017)

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Armet for the Tourney by Kolman Helmschmid via Arms and Armor

Medium: Steel, copper alloy

Bashford Dean Memorial Collection, Bequest of Bashford Dean, 1928 Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY


I’ve never found out whether Kolman had that name before he started making armour, or whether it was one of those names that grew from the job like “Miller” or “Fletcher” or “Thatcher”, or whether it was just serendipity.

But for this helmet to be made by a man called “Helmsmith” is as neat as you like.

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Chilta hazar masha (coat of a thousand nails), kulah khud (helmet), bazu band (arm guards). Indian armored clothing made from layers of fabric faced with velvet and studded with numerous small brass nails, which were often gilded. Fabric armor was very popular in India because metal became very hot under the Indian sun. This example has additional armor plates on the chest area, arms, and thighs. Hermitage Museum.                

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“Alas, not me, lord!” she said. “Shadow lies on me still. Look not to me for healing! I am a shieldmaiden and my hand is ungentle.” ~Éowyn

One does not need to bring healing to bring hope. But one can still earn renown without deeds of valor. Both are necessary and both shine the light into the dark. One defending, and the other tending the flame.

📷 @emory (at Olaran)

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“These are indeed strange days,” he muttered. “Dreams and legends spring to life out of the grass.” ~Tolkien

It’s an amazing thing when legends spring out of the grass. Except they don’t. Legends don’t just appear, they don’t just spontaneously become legends. Legends grind on, slowly. They halt, they fall, they get back up. Legends go through the sleepless nights and over mountains and down rivers. They observe, learn, grow and fail. Only then are legends recognized as such. The wondering word may stand amazed at the meteoric rise of a hero, but that hero spent a lifetime getting there.

📷 @emory (at Olaran)

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Sudanese Arms and Armour, 19th Century

@batfrankbeyond; my future wall.

Kaskara hype

Those grips seem to small, I feel like you’d break your wrist with one of those

I highly doubt it. If the grip is 4″-5″ it should fit the average hand pretty well. These warriors appear to have room to spare when holding their kaskara.

Image Source: Pinterest

Image Source: Flickr

And Matt Easton, who is taller than the average man, seems to have no problem with the grip on his antique kaskara:

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“Fall of Constantinople” was the capture of the capital of the Byzantine Empire by the Ottoman Empire on 29 May 1453. By Jose Daniel Cabrera Peña

via reddit

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Targone (shields) for il Giuoco del Ponte (the game of the bridge, a martial sport where combatants met in neighborhood based teams at the bridges in Venice to fight in massed combat with these shields, cloaks, and sharpened sidesword length sticks). What patterns do we see here? The Worcester Art Museum suggests these were gripped with both hands, but I would take another look at the corners of the grips and the places where the items have been dirtied up with a couple of different bodily fluids. I see two wear patterns, gripping the forward grip with the left hand (fingers wrapping under, assymetrical wear including the thumb rubbing high on each of this images on the first grip), and the occasional grabbing of the secondary grip behind the first breaking over the corners of those grips. Obviously, this shield was for jabbing (note all the dirtying on the front end). It is similar to the Hungarian shields used with saber where they included a spiked metal front point on roughly the same design. Further adding to the hypothesis of single time counter pugilism I’ve been poking at, as the shield can cover and strike single tempo. “Nunquam Retrorsum”, incidentally, means we will never retreat.

Looks somewhat akin to the tonfa in terms of design if not use.

A little bit, yeah! They most remind me of these fellas:

Reach out and guide with the pointy metal tip, and deliver your big hit with the sword held in reserve. I’ve found in sparring that the same holds true for Saviolo’s sword and dagger wards.

Oh! That just reminded me of the 1595 Club sparring. Gray Morris there really favors the punta riversa ward, ready to step off with the punta or give a stoccata down centerline.. Structurally, the dagger reaching out and covering the line and the sword threatening the punta riversa is identical.

But then, there is this motherfucker

Lol! Is that period artwork? I love it! It’s like a cricket bat!

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Ceremonial Armor for an officer of the Imperial Palace Guard, Chinese, 18th century.

from The Metropolitan Museum of Art

August 09 2017

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Behold my viking bling!

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Black Agnes (c.1312-1369): the Wife Who Defended a Castle

I had a ball drawing this one. Full entry here. Patreon here. Book here. Art notes after the cut.

Czytaj dalej

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Ostara vibes. 

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John Everett Millais. 

A Dream of the Past: Sir Isumbras at the Ford. 

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The Battle of Nisa, a naval battle fought on 9 August 1062 between the forces of Norwegian king Harald Hardrada and king Sweyn II of Denmark, with much hand to hand combat on ships that were lashed together.

via reddit

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New medieval vikings reenactment season and new photo session :)

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